LIFTING MAGNETS Elektromag manufactures Lifting Magnets for a wide range of applications using technology acquired from Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH, Germany. The range includes Circular Lifting Magnets for Scrap handling. These Magnets are commonly used in Steel Mills, Scrap Yards, Foundries, etc. A wide range of Rectangular Lifting Magnets is made for applications such as handling Billets, Slabs, Plates, Structurals, Rebar Bundles, Coils, etc.
MAGNETIC SEPARATORS Elektromag manufactures wide range of Permanent and Electromagnetic Separators for various applications. Magnetic Separators are used for several purposes such as removal of ferrous contamination from raw material for protection of downstream machinery such as Crushers, Pulverisers. We have 60+ years of experience in manufacturing wide range of Magnetic Separators using technology acquired from Licensing Agreements from Germany/Australia.
METAL DETECTORS Elektromag has been manufacturing a range of Electronic Metal Detectors since 1960's. Elektromag's current range of Metal Detectors uses technology acquired from EAB, Germany. Elektromag Metal Detectors are suitable for a wide range of applications in areas where bulk material being transported has to be checked for the presence of metal contamination.
ELEKTROFOL ANODISED ALUMINIUM European manufacturers have been using Anodised Aluminium Strip for Lifting Magnets and Magnetic Separators for over 60 years. Anodised Aluminium Strip is by far the best conductor material for Electromagnet Coils. It is far superior to conventional fibreglass or nomex covered Aluminium or Copper Wire or Strip. Elektromag has its own Anodised Line for manufacturing Anodised Aluminium Strip with technology acquired from Germany.
VIBRATION Elektromag is a leader in application of Vibration technology for Conveying, Screening, Dosing and Thermal processing of bulk materials. Elektromag-Joest is a joint venture between Elektomag and Joest Germany. Using the latest German technology and low cost of production in India, Elektromag-Joest, can design and manufacture world class vibration solutions economically.
EOT CRANE CONTROL GEAR The Widest Range under one Roof. Elektromag are the pioneers of the Indian Crane Control Gear industry. With experience in this filed for more than 6 decades. We offer the most comprehensive range of AC/DC Brake, Clutch, Resistance Box, Master Controller, DC Contactor, Limit Switches, etc. used by various Crane / Machinery manufacturers.
CABLE & HOSE HANDLING EQUIPMENT Elektromag manufactures a wide range of Spring Operated / Motorised Cable and Hose Reeling Drums. The Motorised Cable Reeling Drums employ Stall Torque Motor or Torque Regulator.

Elektromag is a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Parabolic Louvres & Reflectors using a Range of Anodised Aluminum Coil and Sheet for Reflector & Decorative products.

Elektromag also has state of the art Injection Moulding and Metallising facilities to manufacture Metallised Anodised Reflectors. Elektromag is the exclusive Indian Agent/Sole Distributor for the Almeco (Italy) range of Reflectors and Decorative Products.

SOLAR Elektromag has developed a new concept in community Solar Cookers. 'Panelled Solar Concentrating Community Cooker'. This is a truly DIY (Do It Yourself) kit, that comes in compact packing. Central opening provides passage for the wind. This prevents the likelihood of toppling over. Reflector dish is manufactured on specially designed dyes which provides consistent accurate panel profile.

Elektromag is the pioneer in this field with an experience of more than six decades. The range of products manufactured by Elektromag finds wide application in various industries such as Power sector, Steel and Cement industry, Fertilisers, Glass and Paper manufacturing units, Foundries, Food & Sugar industries etc. Elektromag is already exporting some of its products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Elektromag endeavors to develop necessary skills and build an attitude essential for manufacturing a quality product and strive for continuous improvement in its product quality and delivery commitments. Elektromag operates a Quality Management System to meet these objectives and comply with the requirements of necessary standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

The proven performance of Elektromag products ensures customer satisfaction due to which most of the times customers come back to Elektromag for their new projects or expansions. At many customer applications, most of Elektromag products have given trouble free performance for 10 to 20 years, which gives confidence to them to place repeat orders on Elektromag.

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