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ELEKTROMAG - STEINERT Rectangular Lifting Magnets, series LMQ B are mainly used for transport of  sheets, billets and slabs.

Around the central pole in the casing lies a coil-firmly connected to the casing by thermal conduction material. High- performance chains provide maximum safety when carrying the magnet.  The cable connection point is also efficiently protected.

Standard design WITHOUT POLE PLATE is used for transporting one-piece loads such as sheets or slabs. The pole plate design is used when the magnetic power must be distributed evenly over the full length of the magnet, as is the case, for instance, when transporting a layer of billets. All listed types are available with and without pole plate.

ELEKTROMAG - STEINERT Bundle Handling Magnets are designed to pick up tightly tied profile steel bundles with a high degree of safety. The transport can be considerably simplified by using magnets since:

  • There is no need for stoppers.
  • The bundles do not get damaged (torn/ripped up).
  • Only the crane operator does the work. 
  • The bundles can be stacked on the least amount of space.

The size and number of magnets depends on the thickness of the profile steels, the diameter of the bundle, the length of the bundle and the number of bundles to be lifted per layer. Our standard magnets are dimensioned for steel concrete bundles with a weight of 2 tons/bundle of 12m length, single  bar diameter  minimum  10 mm and use of 4 load – lifting magnets separated  by approx. 3.2 m at a traverse. The magnets are characterized as all other ELEKTROMAG-STEINERT load lifting magnets by a    suitable design and solid construction.

ELEKTROMAG- STEINERT Wire Coil Handling Magnets are designed to handle loosely and tightly banded wire bundles with horizontal axis very safely. Thus the use of this magnet offers the following advantages:

  • Ropes or C-hooks need not be used.
  • The bundles will not become damaged (torn).
  • The crane driver alone can do all work.
  • The bundles can be piled up in smallest area.

The size and magnet depends on the length of the bundles (Please see drawing and table). If the magnet is long   enough, several individual bundles can be seized during one lifting operation.

Like all other ELEKTROMAG-STEINERT Lifting Magnets, the Magnets for handling wire bundles are properly and solidly constructed. The center pole and the slanting outer poles are suitable for the different bundle diameters.

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