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Radio Remote  Control from Cattron-Theimeg
The compact Excalibur is the entry model into the Cattron-Theimeg ct24-class. Hard to believe that this device weighing only 300 grams can move loads weighing tons on cranes and grabbers almost as if they were toys. The Excalibur is not only very small; it also has state-of-the-art-technology. It sets new standards in terms of handling, operating safety and flexibility. And all that at a price which is really excellent value for money.

Hardly any other system of this size offers such a wide range of functions and capabilities. Two transmitter housing sizes are available: With 6 or 8 and 10 or 12 pushbuttons with excellent tactile feedback and an extremely long working life of more than 1 million switching cycles. The range of applications therefore covers everything from light overhead gantry cranes via tower cranes through to dual-hoist cranes or grabbers.

Thanks to the one-piece elastic mat with integrated push-buttons the Excalibur also defies winds, weather and adverse conditions. It even operates at winter temperatures down to -200. An integrated pressure element avoids condensation inside the housing, caused by temperature changes.

  • Sets standards in terms of ergonomics, operational safety and flexibility.
  • Can be used worldwide thanks to its versatile configuration options.
  • Applications from simple hoists, machine control or gate control through to large overhead travelling cranes with 2 trolleys and/or additional functions such as a grabber, a magnet etc.
  • For tandem and dual-transmitter operation (request & release)

The system is rounded off by a sophisticated safety and servicing concept. The basis of this new innovative concept forms a newly developed electronic key, TransKey, which is based on RFID technology. Only with this key you can put the Excalibur into use and control the associated crane. The chip in the TransKey also allows individual configuration of the software to exactly match your requirements.


The newly developed ct24 receiver range is the ideal complement for the Excalibur. It is based on the same pioneering technology and it also has a dual-processor and TransKey. The ct24 series, however, is not only compatible with the Excalibur. The receivers are thus independent and open for new innovations.
The technology is impressive: Depending on the number of output commands the Excalibur can be used in combination with 3 different ct24 receivers; 9, 12 or 17 output relays are available. Regardless of whether the task is simple or extremely complex it thus provides a solution for all possible applications

The standard version of the receiver housing features two cable glands. If required each receiver can also be supplied with Harting Han24, Han32 or Han64 connectors.

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