Elektromag Magnetic Pulleys are generally used as the head pulley of a conveyor for separating iron pieces from conveyed material. Elektromag Magnetic Pulleys are used for all kinds of bulk materials, such as brown and pit coal, coke, like-stone, cement, rock salt, potash, chamotte, blast furnace, and steel mill slag, foundry sand, gravel, sand, synthetic granulates, grain and feedstuff. They can also be fitted as drive or return pulleys to the discharge end of rubber conveyor belts of existing installations at a later stage.

ELEKTROMAG Magnetic Pulleys are mainly designed to remove large iron pieces, such as bolts, screws, wire, strips and tools which could damage conveyor belts, brake sieves, crushers or processing machines.

Other Type of separating magnets are available for separating fine iron. In the event of slag separation they server – depending on the granulation – for parting magnetic and non-magnetic components.


The magnetic field produced is effective on the entire surface in the range of the conveyor belt. The magnetizable iron pieces contained in the conveyor material are influenced by the magnetic field and drawn on the conveyor belt. The iron pieces follow the run of the conveyor belt until they loosen from the magnetic field and, parted from the conveyor material, are discharged in the belt’s run direction underneath the magnetic pulley.


ELEKTROMAG Permanent Magnetic Pulleys are powered by ceramic focused-flux, barium-ferrite magnets for superior coercive force.

The Magnetism in a Permanent Magnetic Pulley is produced by an internal assembly of ceramic magnet material and steel. This assembly is enclosed by a flat non-magnetic stainless steel shell that is fastened to cast aluminium heads. The entire pulley is keyed to a solid steel shaft, extending through the width of the pulley and beyond it on both sides. The shaft revolves with the pulley as a single unit. Both heads on the pulley are tapered to allow good belt tracking. The Permanent Magnetic Pulley has a face width that is at least 50 mm greater than the belt width.

The magnetic strength of a Permanent Magnetic Pulley depends on its diameter. Larger diameters are stronger magnetically because they contain more ceramic magnet material. The ELEKTROMAG design concentrates attractive power on the pulley's peripheral surface where it is needed most.

ELEKTROMAG Permanent Magnetic Pulleys are easy to install with sizes to fit every operation from 315 mm to 1250 mm dia. The shafts can be machined to specifications on request.


  • No-sliprings/carbon brushes to be maintained
  • No Coils to burn-out
  • No electric wiring required for pulley
  • No Power consumption
  • No operating cost
  • No maintenance
  • No failure - hence no downtime
  • Uniformly powerful
  • Everlasting magnetic power guaranteed

ELEKTROMAG Electro Magnetic Pulleys have a magnet system of disk-shaped pole bodies with inserted coils. The pole bodies are made from steel of high permeability. The coils are normally made of Aluminium, rated for class ‘H’ insulation, however, Copper-coils can also be supplied. Pole bodies and coil form a complete unit. All coil connections are led to a terminal box on the face of the outer pole from where they are connected to sliprings through the shaft.

Non-magnetic coil covers are provided between the pole bodies in such a manner that protection against dust and water is guaranteed. The rings made of non-magnetic material at the two outer pole bodies guarantee a good support of the conveyor belt over the entire pulley width.

The electro-magnetic pulleys are placed in two generously dimensioned pedestals with self-aligning ball or roller bearings. The surfaces of the Electro-Magnetic Pulley are turned cylindrically.

D.C. is fed to the Electro-Magnetic Pulleys via two slip rings. The sliding contact device is enclosed in a dustproof housing and contains the necessary carbon brushes.

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